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Good marketing is the effective investment of time and resources, directed at the most efficient marketing channel(s), to achieve profit.

A simple test for your existing marketing efficiency:
Does each £1 invested in your company result in more than £1 in profit back? Can you measure it

Do you wonder if your digital strategy is adequate but not stellar? That you could be investing your time and money better?

To stop the guesswork, we follow a sales funnel first coined in 1898: AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Back in the day

Illustration of an apple

Say you were selling apples. Attention was shouting “look at my lovely apples” or people noticing your sandwich board at the end of the street. Interest was people visiting your stall to look at the apples. Desire depended on how tasty your apples appeared up close.

The action was selling your apples.

Illustration of an apple


Illustration of an apple slice

We know you probably don’t sell apples and things have changed since the Internet shook things up – never mind 1898 – in terms of how you communicate with potential customers.

But for us AIDA is still on the money; it’s just evolved. We find it a helpful way of describing what we can do and how we do it.

Illustration of an apple slice


Illustration of three organic apples


Where once there was just reputational word of mouth – which is still the most effective way of getting attention – we believe there are now five core marketing channels businesses can control.


Advertising, PPC, media buys, remarketing, social media promotions.

What you pay to guarantee exposure.


Public. Relations. The communication of who you are, what you are doing and what you believe in.

The effective use of different media to build trust in your brand.


How do you appear when someone searches you online?

This isn’t just about SEO / search optimisation. Do you come across as trustworthy and have a clear offer?

The management of your online presence.


LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. What is your social voice? Do you need one?

The efficient and honest use of social media.


From email marketing to physical events to direct mail.

Whatever you do to directly engage individual customers.

Illustration of an basket with apples


What used to be your stall is now your website. The key asset you send your target audience to.


Does your website reflect your brand? What’s your call to action?

Your website is your chance to most effectively communicate what your business is about.

If it doesn’t, your audience (who you’ve invested time and/or money on getting their attention) won’t take any action.



You need to understand what the market thinks of you and your competitors.

Does your website convert? Are you combining empathy, market data, competitor data and your website data to achieve your goals?


The best thing about modern marketing is that it’s become evermore traceable. (including monitoring your competitor’s moves!)

By directing your attention (your marketing channels) back to your website, you can monitor how effective you are being.

Regular monitoring allows for the optimisation of your strategy and the focusing on the channels showing the greatest returns.

Illustration of an basket with apples


Selling apples. Taking a healthy slice of the market. Landing a dream business opportunity. Building a new relationship.


Hitting your target KPIs.

Your reputation growing by doing the right marketing.


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The new website looks great and we have seen instant results. Bookings are up 70% over the last 6 months. That's without doing anything extra online to increase traffic.

Brett Neagle, Owner
Auswalk Walking Holidays

City of London Corporation We have a complex network of nearly a 100 different social media feeds and Evergreen has provided invaluable strategic advice in managing how we best develop them. A great partner.

Greg Williams
Head of Media, City of London Corporation

Evergreen continually surpassed our social media targets across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Finding an agency that understands brand voice and the importance of long-term reputation proved crucial.

Caroline Drayton, Director of Communications
St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

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