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We bring clarity to marketing, using a sales funnel first developed in 1898. By conducting research to determine which activities are most relevant to your business outcomes, we evolve the strategy that is right for you and put it into action.

What we do

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Best practice marketing is about making the smartest investment of time and money to move your business forward.

It is about expressing your personality as a business and finding the kind of people who will want to get to know you.

This means measuring the impact of your efforts and persistently shaping them to your outcomes. It also means being stimulating and authentic.

That’s the kind of marketing we believe in at Evergreen Reputation.

It goes without saying that the internet has massively shaken up the world as we know it, yet the foundations of quality marketing are much the same as they always were – we just realise them differently.

Our core philosophy is based on a sales funnel first developed in 1898, known as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Back in the day

Illustration of an apple

It worked something like this… You were the owner of an apple cart with big ambitions to expand your business. First you need to get some attention for your cart, by bellowing “get yer lovely apples” or putting up a sandwich board.

Then you needed to court interest, perhaps engaging people with witty banter, you would also want to stoke desire by making sure your product looked at its best so people would take action and buy some apples.

If you got this process right you were well on the way to being able to afford your second cart.

Illustration of an apple


Illustration of an apple slice

You probably don’t sell apples…

But the principles are the same. You can read more about how we have adapted them to the new digital landscape below.


Illustration of an apple slice


Illustration of three organic apples


There are five core channels that need your attention, to get your business the attention it needs to flourish.


Anything you pay for to get guaranteed exposure: advertising, PPC, media buys, remarketing, social media promotions.



Public. Relations. The communication of who you are, what you are doing and what you believe in.


Beyond search engine optimisation (SEO) this also involves managing your online presence so you appear in the right places and come across as credible.



Developing your social voice in the right places is now essential, whether that be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform.



Whatever you do to directly reach out to your audience, from email marketing, to direct mail, to physical events.


Illustration of an basket with apples


The place you get your audience interested is no longer your apple cart, it’s your website.


Your website is your chance to communicate what your business is about and get people excited about it.

It needs to accurately reflect your brand and be full of punchy, relevant content with enticing calls to action.




To convert interest, you need to understand what makes your audience and market tick.


You need to understand what motivates your audience and ensure you are appealing beyond pure rationality, to the emotions and desires that drive them.

Burn assumptions – we use data.



If you are not monitoring the impact of your marketing, give us a call right now.

This is the backbone of what we do and is essential to optimising your strategy and getting it right.

Illustration of an basket with apples


Clicks. Leads. Subscribers. Sales (apples or otherwise).


Hitting your targets and taking your business where you want it to go. Get the rest right and this is where you’ll find yourself.


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The new website looks great and we have seen instant results. Bookings are up 70% over the last 6 months. That's without doing anything extra online to increase traffic.

Brett Neagle, Owner
Auswalk Walking Holidays

City of London Corporation We have a complex network of nearly a 100 different social media feeds and Evergreen has provided invaluable strategic advice in managing how we best develop them. A great partner.

Greg Williams
Head of Media, City of London Corporation

Evergreen continually surpassed our social media targets across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Finding an agency that understands brand voice and the importance of long-term reputation proved crucial.

Caroline Drayton, Director of Communications
St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

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